Clear benefits for consumers – clear benefits for you, our customers.

McCoy’s Glass Solutions is the McCoy’s call centre that provides a service to the public by offering expert advice on anything about glass. McCoy’s Glass Solutions is a call centre concept that’s user-friendly with a number that’s easy to remember: 0860 55 22 22. Just one phone call brings help straight to the caller’s door, whether it’s new glazing, repairs, mirrors, aluminium, automotive or shower glass that’s needed.

When someone calls with a glass-related problem, McCoy’s Glass Solutions operators give the caller contact details of an appropriate installer who is a McCoy’s Glass customer, and who is ideally located and equipped to supply the service and products needed. McCoy’s Glass Solutions essentially attracts leads and potential installation business which are then referred to McCoy’s Glass customers.

McCoy’s does not – and never will – sell directly to the public. As such, it has a vested interest in the business of its customers. McCoy’s is continually investing in the McCoy’s Glass Solutions concept, and that enables it to offer an invaluable service to the public from which McCoy’s customers benefit most.

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