Q: I need to know more about making my house childproof. Where can I find more information?

A: The experts at McCoy’s know that safety always comes first. Phone us now on 0860 55 22 22 and we will supply you with some handy tips and advice on how to make your home a safe place for children.

Q: I really love the look of modern frameless shower doors. Can I install one myself?

A: It really is quick and easy to install a shower door – call us now and we will send an expert to your doorstep.

Q: I am often alone at home and feel unsafe at times. What can I do to make my house safer?

A: McCoy’s supply bulletproof and double-glazed glass products, which are sure to make you feel more at ease.

Q: Does McCoy’s supply automotive glass products?

A: McCoy’s does not sell directly to the public, but we have a list of the most competent suppliers and installers on hand, and will supply your every need if you just contact us.

Q: Does McCoy’s supply any aluminium products, or just glass?

A: Because McCoy’s knows that glass products and aluminium products go hand in hand, we sell a comprehensive range of aluminium products as well. No need to go anywhere else – we cater for all your needs under one roof.

Q: I want to put mirrors on all the cupboards in my room. Where can I find mirrors that are large enough?

A: Mirrors, like glass, can be cut to size. Call us now and we will make sure we send the best supplier to come and fulfil your needs.

Q: I want to install a studio in my house. Will McCoy’s be able to assist me with that?

A: Yes, for all your soundproofing needs, contact us directly.

Q: My daughter just accidentally broke the glass tabletop of our dining room table. Where will I find the exact same one?

A: For any glass emergencies, phone McCoy’s directly on 0860 55 22 22 – no questions asked. We will make sure that we find what you are looking for, and replace your dining room table to its former glory. You can rely on us.

Q: I have a harmless chip on my windscreen. It is nothing to be concerned about, right?

A: Right now, the chip on your windscreen might seem harmless, but it might pose some serious problems in the future. Phone McCoy’s now on 0860 55 22 22 and we will make sure your safety becomes our priority.

Q: Where can I find McCoy’s number? Is it in the yellow pages?

A: Yes, phone McCoy’s now on 0860 55 22 22 for all your glass related queries, emergencies or questions.

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