As a company with our customers’ (and in turn their customers’) best interests at heart, McCoy’s provides and offers the widest range of products and services currently available on the market. We are seen as Leaders in Glass, and will stop at nothing to ensure that we always stay ahead of trends and on top of our game; selling glass online is just one way in which we have done exactly that. As pioneers in the glass industry we’re constantly striving to provide the highest quality products at the most competitive prices, and with the best service delivery.

The core of McCoy’s business is to supply building glass, including clear float glass, patterned glass, tinted glass, mirrors, laminated safety glass and toughened glass. We are leaders in the stock sheet market and are constantly setting new service levels in the cut-to-size market. McCoy’s are confident that we offer the most comprehensive range of stock sheet sizes and thicknesses available in South Africa, and offer complete glass edge working facilities such as polishing, bevelling and drilling.

From processed glass to bullet resistant glass, toughened laminates to double-glazed units – McCoy’s supplies it all. Our McLam PVB laminated safety glass and McTough toughened safety glass meet the safety requirements of the National Building Regulations as defined by SANS1263-1.


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McLam® Reflective PLUS™ (MRP) (Brochure)

McLam® Relective PLUS™ is a reflective Solar Control Laminated Glass that provides optimum heat reduction, "one way" Vision. Also available in Low E options

McLam® Energy Saving Glass™ (ESG) (Brochure)

McLam® Energy Saving Glass™ is a high performance glazing product which requires flat ground & polished edges – the same as other performance laminates.


All Season Glass™ (ASG) (Brochure)

All season glass™ is a double sealed, double glazed, Low E Glass that performs like reflective glass but it's clear. Provides you with 4 seasons of comfort.

More info: Click to download the PDF.


McLam® Extra Clear Glass™ (ECG) (Brochure)

McLam® Extra clear glass™ is an extra clear, low-iron float glass that is practically colourless. Unrestricted views, brilliant tansparency, sunny disposition and flexible

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McLam® Sound Stop Acoustic Glass™ (Brochure)

McLam® Sound stop acoustic glass™ is a sound reducing glass and a breakthrough in glass advancement, allowing you the highest level of environmental comfort

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McLam® Arctic Snow PLUS™ (ASP) (Brochure)

McLam® Arctic snow PLUS™ , a new improved translucent glass PLUS greater solar control. Providing a high Privacy - No Through vision, as well as safety glazed

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Our products and services can be divided into two legs:


  • Clear Float Glass - McFloat
  • Patterned Float Glass – McObscure
  • Laminated Safety Glass - McLam
  • Toughened Safety Glass - McTough
  • Bullet Resistant Glass - McBullet
  • Mirrors - McMirror
  • Performance Laminated Safety Glass - McLam
  • Double Glazed Units
  • Processed Glass
  • Toughened Laminates
  • Energy Saving Glass
  • Putty – McPutty
  • Aluminium Showers
  • Aluminium Patio Doors
  • Aluminium Windows


  • Stock Sheet Sales – loose sheets, packs or full container loads
  • Glass Cut to Size
  • All processing, including polishing, bevelling and drilling
  • Online Glass Sales
  • Technical Backup and Support
  • Specifying the right glass for a particular application
  • Call centre to generate leads for customers

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