Clear solutions to any glass query are just a call away

Accidents happen. Problems arise. And along with the many, many different kinds of glass that are available are hundreds of different applications and needs. Even an accomplished DIY enthusiast can’t be expected to know everything.

Which is where McCoy’s Glass Solutions comes in. Whether you need advice on soundproofing your studio with glass, how to guarantee your two-year-old child’s protection around a glass coffee table, or how to sort out the chip in your windscreen that’s becoming a worry, McCoy’s Glass Solutions has the answers.

McCoy’s Glass Solutions is a user-friendly, independent glass call centre and advisory service with a number that’s easy to remember: 0860 55 22 22. Just one phone call will link you with personal service providers who are closest to you and best equipped to fulfil your needs – whether it’s new glazing, repairs, mirrors, aluminium, automotive or shower glass.